K&W Presents at Conflict Resolution Conference

Anna West, Elana Kimbrell, and Jason Gershowitz attended the May 2013 conference of the Environment & Public Policy Sector of the Association for Conflict Resolution, which […]

Stanford University Hires K&W for Collaborative Riparian Planning Effort

Stanford University owns and operates the 120-year-old Searsville Dam and Reservoir. The Searsville Dam and Reservoir is in the San Francisquito Creek watershed, which has quite […]

Eric Poncelet Co-Authors Two Articles on Collaborative Marine Protected Area Planning in California

K&W Senior Director/Senior Mediator Eric Poncelet designed and facilitated four separate regional stakeholder groups as part of a six-year effort to implement California’s Marine Life Protection […]

K&W Assists with Northeast Ocean Industry Sector Outreach

The Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC) engaged K&W, in partnership with the Consensus Building Institute (affiliated with Harvard and MIT) and a team of technical experts, […]