Collaborative Solutions

Kearns & West’s collaboration services encompass a wide range of skills, experience and methods to address issues and help move projects, programs, processes and policies to durable solutions.

conflict & issues assessment

Researching and documenting participants’ interests and desired outcomes to inform a process

process management

Coordinating project activity through next steps memos to help teams keep track of tasks and deliverables while advancing their missions

strategic planning

Bringing together diverse opinions to help leaders develop comprehensive, data-driven plans that represent all interests

large scale stakeholder engagement

Designing and implementing processes that involve stakeholders across a wide-range of geographies, cultures, and interests including engaging underrepresented or disproportionately impacted communities in local decision making

facilitation & conflict resolution

Providing third-party, neutral facilitation services including maintaining the focus and progress of the discussion, developing meeting ground rules, employing tested participation techniques that work toward building consensus (if that is the intended goal of the meeting) and collecting input from all participants

collaboration training

Educating others and building capacity for strong foundations of communications, conflict resolution, negotiation, and collaboration activities

outreach management

Identifying and connecting with stakeholders to inform decision making through a range of in-person and digital activities