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For academia, think tanks, laboratories, and many businesses and non-profit organizations, research is intellectual capital that can help establish credibility or strengthen its position in the marketplace. It can also frame an issue and bring another perspective to the debate. But research is only useful if it finds the right audience and resonates with stakeholders.

Kearns & West has developed a niche service in promoting and publicizing research and intellectual capital to establish thought leadership of its clients.

Kearns & West specializes in:

Sample Projects

      American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) - Media Relations

      Founded in 1994 at the University of Michigan, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is the definitive benchmark of customer satisfaction of goods and services purchased and consumed in the U.S. ACSI measures customer satisfaction of more than 200 companies across 47 different industries. It is a proven leading indicator of consumer spending and has been linked to stock performance. ACSI began as a little known economic indicator when it retained Kearns & West to help build brand awareness across business, consumer, and trade media and establish its reputation as the definitive benchmark for customer satisfaction in the U.S. economy. Kearns & West developed a process for the roll-out of ACSI research, based on a unique understanding of the media’s needs and how ACSI’s content could help media develop strong content for their target audiences. Kearns & West regularly generated more than a billion impressions every quarter for ACSI reports and recently launched the Index’s first foray into social media and Twitter. Also, the firm helped ACSI develop a regular podcast, quarterly newsletter, and drafted copy for ACSI marketing materials. The Associated Press called ACSI the “authoritative” measure of customer satisfaction, and The New York Times referred to it as “the definitive benchmark.”

      Apollo Education Group - White Paper Development

      The Apollo Education group is a leader in higher education programs and education policy. Kearns & West was hired to provide support and develop a series of white papers designed to address critical policy issues and business-education-technology concerns in higher education. The first of these white papers featured an in-depth analysis of the growth of higher education from 1880 to 1980 and concluded with a call for national-wide participation for further dialogue on education growth. The second paper, “Empowering America: Reinventing Pathways to College and the Workforce,” examined the current college and career readiness challenges facing America and innovative ways to better address today’s student population and their needs. Finally, “Creating the Future American Workforce: Investments and Innovation in Human Capital,” focused on the role that companies can play in workforce development. More information about the whitepaper series can be found at:

      Santa Clara University - Broadband Consensus Conference

      Santa Clara University convened a Broadband Consensus Conference and “citizen jury” modeled after a process used by The Danish Board of Technology. The process involved a citizen jury, which included vision- and hearing-impaired participants, an expert panel and a community meeting, which resulted in a set of recommendations. Kearns & West designed the engagement and deliberation process and facilitated the public and expert hearings.

      Stanford University – Searsville Dam Alternatives Study

      Stanford University owns and operates the 120-year-old Searsville Dam and Reservoir. The Searsville Dam and Reservoir is in the San Francisquito Creek watershed, which has quite a diverse set of fish and wildlife species, including a native population of steelhead trout in the South San Francisco Bay. The Dam and Reservoir are also above Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, developed communities which have faced flooding issues in urban areas. Throughout the years, the reservoir has filled with sediment losing most of its original storage capacity. Stanford is conducting a review of possible alternatives, including maintaining the Dam and Reservoir, modifying the Dam, and Dam removal. Kearns & West was engaged to facilitate a collaborative process for the Searsville Advisory Group, a diverse group of community, flood, environmental, and regulatory interests. The Advisory Group prepared recommendations that informed the internal Stanford Steering Committee’s recommendation to the President and Provost of Stanford. K&W facilitated Advisory Group meetings, and assisted with the internal planning process.

      University of the Pacific – Delta Protection Commission

      The 23-member Delta Protection Commission includes landowners, county supervisors, state agencies and stakeholders representing agriculture, habitat, and recreation and is charged with developing land use and resource management Commission to develop an economic sustainability plan. Kearns & West supported University of the Pacific by developing a communications and engagement plan and holding public outreach meetings.