Sylvia Ciborowski

Sylvia Ciborowski is a Vice President at Kearns & West with a strong background in stakeholder engagement, facilitation and mediation. She is a lawyer by education and training, specializing in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, and is also a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Sector of the Oregon State Bar. Working alongside clients, she is skilled in designing outcomes-focused stakeholder engagement processes that consider a wide range of interested parties and anticipate stakeholder conflicts. She specializes in facilitating conversations that result in strategic paths forward and solutions on complex public policy issues. Sylvia facilitates many types of workgroups and committees, including long-term advisory committees, strategic planning meetings, discussion and focus group meetings, large public open houses, and meetings in other languages. She has worked on projects in a wide range of fields including land use and transportation planning, environment and natural resources, forestry, climate change, housing, changes in local codes and regulations, and equity and inclusion. Sylvia is a certified Court-Connected Mediator, a volunteer mediator with Multnomah County Courts, and a member of the Oregon Mediation Association.