BOEM Renewable Energy Task Force Meetings

Development of offshore wind energy is a priority for the current Administration, to help provide renewable electricity to East Coast markets. As part of the Department of the Interior’s Smart from the Start initiative announced in November 2010, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management began establishing State Task Forces to give BOEM feedback at each step in their process of planning, leasing, site assessment, and commercial development of renewable energy on the Outer Continental Shelf. There are now 11 renewable energy State Task Forces. Kearns & West is teaming with the Consensus Building Institute to facilitate and support these meetings. The Task Forces provide a critical opportunity for other federal agencies, state, local, and tribal representatives to assist bureau in considering environmental, cultural, economic, navigational, and defense needs and uses of the Outer Continental Shelf. Meetings are open to the public, and there is a public session after each meeting to allow for comments and questions.