Land Use & Natural Resources

As human populations grow, demands on natural resources continue to intensify. Land use and environmental policy must keep pace with ever-changing science, economies, technologies, and resource conditions, with attention to climate change implications. Increasing complexities also creates new opportunities for multi-benefit and multi-interest solutions. Kearns & West’s respected role in the land use and natural resources sector has roots in decades of proven success in designing and conducting effective process for collaboration and public involvement.

Kearns & West specializes in:

  • Biodiversity and Resource Conservation
  • Ecosystem Based Management for watersheds, regions
  • Ecosystem Marketplaces
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Habitat Conservation Plans
  • Land Use Planning and Conservation
  • NEPA Processes
  • Protected Species and Habitats
  • Regional Resource Management Plans
  • Travel Management Plans
  • Urban Growth Boundaries

Sample Projects