Equitable and Inclusive Engagement

The practice of equity and inclusion is fundamental to our work at Kearns & West. Our Equitable and Inclusive Engagement Team is integrated into projects across all our services areas, including water, energy, community planning, transportation, and environment.

Equitable and inclusive engagement is not only about ensuring that diverse perspectives are at the table but also that deliberate actions and targeted strategies are taken to ensure that underrepresented and vulnerable communities participate and contribute definitively in decision-making.  Making meaningful progress on clean environments, health, housing, jobs, transportation, open space, and equitable education requires community-based dialogues. We recognize that the most innovative, comprehensive, and viable solutions happen when there is equitable participation.   

Kearns & West specializes in:

  • Accessible materials and online content
  • Community development, health, and housing policy
  • Community-sensitive surveys
  • Environmental justice engagement
  • Equity and environmental justice policy
  • In-language meetings (in-person and virtual)
  • NEPA and local environmental review public involvement
  • Parks and open space planning
  • Public participation plans
  • Resiliency and climate action plans
  • Stakeholder mapping and partnerships
  • Transportation and mobility

Sample Projects