Transportation is about making connections — linking people to one another, to places, and to resources. Kearns & West focuses on communities and their relationships to transportation systems, services, and plans.

From planning for bicycles and pedestrian amenities to major investments in bus, rail, and highway infrastructure, our team collaborates with elected officials, public agencies, private providers, and stakeholders to ensure that meaningful engagement results in better outcomes.   

Kearns & West specializes in:

  • Equity, Environmental Justice, and Title VI  
  • Active Transportation 
  • Bus and Rail System Design 
  • Highways and Bridges 
  • Accessible Transportation, ADA, and Paratransit 
  • Transportation Program 
  • Transit Systems Integration
  • Emerging Transportation 
  • Energy and Climate Adaptation 
  • Branding, Marketing, and Information for Transportation Programs and Services 

Sample Projects