A New Plan for Oregon State Forests — Protecting Endangered Species and Timber Harvests

This month, the Oregon Board of Forestry unanimously voted to continue developing the Western Oregon State Forest Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) — a 70-year plan that balances the protection of endangered species and timber harvest. Over the past two years, Kearns & West led all of the stakeholder engagement and policy- and science-level facilitation for the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) as it explores options to both promote financial viability and conserve endangered/threatened species in Oregon’s state forests through the development of an HCP. Kearns & West staff Deb Nudelman, Sylvia Ciborowski, and Michelle Bardini worked alongside ICF and Oregon Consensus in this effort.

We congratulate ODF on this major milestone as the HCP moves forward with the aim of providing improved management of Oregon’s state forests. Learn more here: https://oregonforestry.wpengine.com/2020/09/23/odf-develops-draft-habitat-conservation-plan-for-western-oregons-state-forests/