K&W Presents at Five Summer Conferences

Find our senior mediators at the following conferences:


HydroVision (July 19-22, Sacramento, CA).

Anna West will present “Ideas for Implementing and Participating in the Integrated Licensing Process.” For more information: www.hydroevent.com.

EPA Community Involvement Training Conference (July 19-21, Arlington, VA).

Eric Poncelet and Will McClintock (MarineMap) will deliver a combined training and presentation on “MarineMap – an innovative collaborative support technology improving community engagement.” For more information, visit: www.epa.gov/ciconference.

Oregon Wave Energy Trust Ocean Renewable Energy Conference (August 3-4, Portland, OR).

Anna West will moderate two panels, Blueprint for Ocean Energy Development 2010-2015, and Ocean Renewable Energy: Support, Conflicts and Opportunities. For more information, visit: www.oregonwave.org/events/2011-conference.

American Wind Energy Association Windpower Conference and Wind Powering America State Summit (May 22-26, Anaheim, CA)

Abby Arnold will talk on wind siting and wildlife. For more information, visit: www.windpowerexpo.org and www.windpoweringamerica.gov. Abby will also be presenting on “Recognizing and Cultivating Leadership” at the Women of Wind Luncheon. For more information, visit: www.womenofwindenergy.org.

Association for Conflict Resolution – Environmental and Public Policy Spring Conference (June 28-30, Portland, OR).

Eric Poncelet and Abby Arnold will present a session on “Using Collaborative Technology to Inform Environmental Decision-Making Processes.” Find more conference information here: www.acrnet.org/conferences.aspx?id=960