BOEM Second Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Workshop

Kearns & West, helped plan a 100-person workshop, “Offshore Wind Energy Development Site Assessment and Characterization: Evaluation of the Current Status and European Experience” for the […]

K&W Conducts a Needs Assessment to Support BLM Geospatial Data Publication

The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is responsible for the management and conservation of resources on 13% of the total land surface in the country […]

K&W Announces Changes for 2012

Twenty-eight years after co-founding Kearns &West, Ken Kearns is stepping away from the firm’s leadership to a new role of senior counselor. Ken will continue to […]

Abby Arnold Facilitates Landscape Scale Planning Tool Workshop

Abby Arnold co-designed and facilitated an American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI)/Western Governors’ Association (WGA) workshop on GIS Tools for Landscape-Level Planning for Renewables. For more information, […]