K&W Presents at Conflict Resolution Conference

Anna West, Elana Kimbrell, and Jason Gershowitz attended the May 2013 conference of the Environment & Public Policy Sector of the Association for Conflict Resolution, which took place at American University in Washington, DC. This conference convenes leaders and practitioners in the Conflict Resolution arena from consulting/service providers, federal and state agencies, and others focused on collaboration and conflict resolution. K&W was well-represented on panels at this event. Anna was a presenter for the panel, “Collaborating at the Landscape Scale: Challenges & Opportunities,” sharing K&W’s extensive experience facilitating the development of Habitat Conservation Plans, and other landscape level projects. Elana served on the Program Committee, and Jasondesigned and supported digital engagement for the conference, providing not only a window but interactive participation for remote attendees. Several sessions were live-streamed and the conference website hosted live-blogs, materials, and a photo-stream of the event.