Stanford University Hires K&W for Collaborative Riparian Planning Effort

Stanford University owns and operates the 120-year-old Searsville Dam and Reservoir. The Searsville Dam and Reservoir is in the San Francisquito Creek watershed, which has quite a diverse set of fish and wildlife species, including a native population of steelhead trout in the South San Francisco Bay. The Dam and Reservoir are also above Palo Alto and East Palo Alto, developed communities which have faced flooding issues in urban areas. Throughout the years, the reservoir has filled with sediment losing most of its original storage capacity. Stanford is conducting a review of possible alternatives, including maintaining the Dam and Reservoir, modifying the Dam, and Dam removal. K&W was recently engaged to assist with a collaborative process for the Searsville Advisory Group, a diverse group of community, flood, environmental, and regulatory interests that will inform the internal Stanford Steering Committee’s recommendation to the President and Provost of Stanford. K&W facilitates Advisory Group meetings, and assists with the internal planning process. Follow the progress of the Searsville Alternatives Study here.